The cornerstone of the development vision for the Business and Industry Zone Tezno is that it becomes a technologically highly developed industry, service and research area. This, however, requires people with knowledge and know-how. Namely, knowledge itself means a secure future for a company, also Slovenian. There is no knowledge without research.

The strategic objective of our development vision is quality not quantity. Therefore, Zone Tezno invites mainly enterprises whose services or production include as much knowledge as possible, when feasible domestic, and that their products ensure the highest possible added value. The Business and Industry Zone Tezno is entrenched in the development network of Slovenia with the aim of achieving excellence and international location competitiveness and providing services that will support the realization of corporate projects. Here relevant connections with scientific-research institutions are vital, especially the University of Maribor. It is desired that as part of the development projects of Slovenia and the European Union, the University set up its own scientific park in the area of the Zone Tezno.

Cooperation has already been established with numerous faculties, mainly technical, natural science-mathematical and philosophical. Here it must be emphasised that the Zone Tezno is included in the European project Retina, the aim of which is to revitalize old and ecologically affected industrial areas in southeast Europe, where trendy economic development goes hand in hand with a healthy environment.