Emergency numbers in case of breakdowns or accidents
  ELECTRICITY | 031 379 052
  GAS AND WATER | 051 686 443


Institute PPC Tezno

The Institute of Business and Industry Zone Tezno (in short: Institute PPC Tezno) is a non-profit company that has 13 full-time employees of different levels of education – from skilled to university graduates. The basic task of the Institute is to successfully manage the Zone Tezno in its physical-spatial capacity and care for the welfare of economic and other subjects in it.

The principal tasks of the Institute PPC Tezno are

  • • to act as a manager of the Zone Tezno area and as a facilitator and integrator of its development.
  • • to mediate potential investors with all information about the Zone and about the possibilities and conditions for realization of their investment.
  • • to offer companies assistance in idea planning, procurement of project documentation, consents, permits and the suchlike, and in the search for tenders and contractors.
  • • to act as a facilitator of business integration between companies in the Zone and assists in their promotion.
  • • to ensure that companies receive energy products at extremely competitive prices.
  • • to care for the maintenance of common energy installations in Zone Tezno, such services are also carried out for companies in the zone.
  • • to care for the development and maintenance of infrastructure within Zone Tezno, and for Zone Tezno’s its optimal image.
  • • to care for public promotion and the recognition of Zone Tezno as a whole.